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Photo Tip - Get that shadow area details

Following Sliders in Light room or Photoshop will help you getting your picture correct

Always shoot RAW as it's very powerful to "fix" issues in your images.

We all make mistakes, but better to make mistakes in RAW shooting as it is easy to "fix" it in post processing.

In this post, I will teach you simple steps on how to get shadow area details in your image. Due to the lighting situation you may end up with a lot of shadow area in your image.

Following Sliders in Lightroom or Photoshop will help you getting your picture correct

Lets look at the various sliders in Light room and Photoshop available to correct the image:

1. Exposure: I increased the exposure slider to brighten up the image so that we get more light in the shadow area of the image. This is something I should have done in the field.

2. Contrast: A bit of increase in contrast to get that punch in the image.

3. Highlights: I decreased the highlights completely as over exposing the image in RAW processing brightened up the lit area on the forehead.

4. Shadows: This is the main slider which acts as a fill flash to give us more details in the shadow area of the baby elephant. I increased the slider to 100%

With the above set of changes, the eyes are also clearly visible now.

Of course, you will have to further work on contrast and probably selective processing to further fine tune the image.

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